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Port Orford Cedar

Long-lasting Port Orford Cedar is slightly fuller has more body than other cedars.   Port Orford is a very lacy, fine looking cedar.  PRE-DIPPED which provides for that extra shelf life allowing for additional sales.  Stems (22-26") are available in bunches (20/box) or bulk in boxes. Coned Cedar is available seasonally.  Please note that Fernhill uses one main evergreen box and employs an easy to read ID end panel.  Please note that UPC codes are assigned, but is included on bunches only upon request.

Port Orford Cedar Bunches, 20/case 22-26" po 40 lbs 3.0 638708-17643
Port Orford Cedar 20-26" po25 25 lbs 2.5 638708-17648
Coned Port Orford Cedar 18-26" poc 25 2.5 638708-17645