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About Us

Experience — This marks the 59th year of our family-owned business. 


Quality — All of our products are hand tied. We utilize additional processing steps that provide added value to our products. For example, a final step in our wreath production includes hand trimming, which makes for a more uniform product, the best in the industry.


Special Dipping Process— We dip all raw evergreens prior to production with a biodegradable & environmentally safe hydra formula that extends life and freshness. It’s a “GREEN PRODUCT”, USDA National Organic Program Compliant, that has the effect of minimizing needle drop, retaining moisture levels and preventing mold growth. The end result is an extended shelf life of all products. All dipping stations are now automated.


Handling  — Our storage methods are unique. All wreaths are hung on specially constructed racks. Garlands are maintained on stackable pallets. Both methods allow for daily misting and complete rotation.   We use a stackable pallet system for specific boxed items too which protects the integrity of the boxes as well as allows for better rotation and air flow in cold storage.


Innovative Products  — Our product line is constantly being improved. We strive to provide the products your customers want to buy!


Retail program — We have enveloped a complete retail program that includes unique display bins, display racks and display boxes for wreaths as well door charms, garlands and centerpieces. This has been very successful for those working within the mass market industry.


Holly Grower — Complementing our line of all Christmas Greens are our holly products. We grow our own holly. A large portion of our holly acreage is within 15 miles of the Pacific Ocean. The added moisture produces foliage that has a more lush coloring. 


Transportation — We arrange trucking for your orders and provide multiple deliveries which allow you to fill late orders.  In addition, changes have been made to some of our boxes which allows no loss of efficiency between floor loads and palletized loads.


Personal Service — Accounts are serviced by an owner, allowing your needs to be met immediately. This also provides added flexibility when special requests are made. It doesn’t cost any more to buy from the best. Your best interest is our best interest.