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Quality Control

Fernhill Holly Farms mission is to make sure our products look as good in your shop as they did when they were made right here.  We do that by making sure we adhere to specific guidelines within our processes.   They are:

USE ONLY THE BEST PRODUCT -   We use exclusively high elevation Noble Fir within our early production schedules.  The high elevation product has the absolute best keeping qualities.

DON'T START HARVESTING TOO EARLY -  Whereas many companies are harvesting Berried Juniper and the Cedars as early as the first of August, we do not harvest either of those greens prior to mid - September.  In like manner, we hold off in the harvest of Noble Fir until the first part of October, whereas many are harvesting in the latter part of September.  We've learned that product cut too early reveals itself when Christmas nears.

DIP ALL INCOMING EVERGREENS WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL - Fernhill is the only company that dips all evergreens prior to production with a biodegradable & environmentally safe hydra formula that extends life and freshness. It’s a “GREEN PRODUCT” USDA National Organic Program Compliant. 
  You will see the difference and so will your customers. The dipping promotes needle retention, retards mold growth and enhances future moisture absorption.

REFRIGERATE EVERGREENS IMMEDIATELY - Shelf life of product is diminished exponentially when not cared for properly.  Once evergreens are dipped, they are placed immediately within refrigeration.  Fernhill has developed significant cold storage facilities over the years.  Quality is everything in this business.

MAINTAIN HAND MADE CONCEPT - Fernhill HAND TIES all wreaths.  (SEE VIDEO)  There are many advantages to the end user of a hand tied wreath.  The beauty of the special layering effect is beyond compare.  A hand tied wreath is much more resistant to loosening up and individual pieces shifting.  Additionally, as a final step, our makers will trim the wreath slightly to provide a more uniform look.

MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARDS OF PRODUCTION - All our wreaths and garlands are weighed and measured to make sure our customers will receive a high quality, consistent product.

EXCLUSIVE HANDLING TECHNIQUES - Fernhill has special handling techniques for wreaths in which bundles are hung on racks in cold storages as opposed to stacking them on top of one another.  This does three things: Allows for perfect rotation, Allows for better air circulation and Allows for more consistent misting of the product each day.  We have crews that use back pack sprayers to keep the wreaths moistened at all times.  For all other products, we employ a stackable pallet system, which provides the same aforementioned advantages.

APPROPRIATE PRODUCTION SCHEDULES -It is a well know fact that all of the wreaths suppliers in the Northwest make wreaths and garlands prior to shipping.  Fernhill does the same, however, we are cautious regarding when we start and only have an inventory of wreaths and garlands.  For all other products we do not have massive inventories.  Instead, we utilize appropriate production schedules so that our production matches our shipping needs.  Our goal is to be producing items no more than four days before shipping.  Freshness equates to additional sales.

SHIPPING - The transportation process is a key to good looking product.  Our loaders are trained to stack in certain ways to prevent crushing or damage in transit.  If there are large quantities of bundled or coiled product, we also add shaved ice to the load. 

FERNHILL PROMISE -  You have our word to do everything we can make your experience with Fernhill a memorable one, one in which you will always be pleased with our quality, service and dependability.  Most importantly, we want your experience to be one which will keep you coming back each year.