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Silver Fir

Harvested from the highest of elevations, these boughs have very deep green flat needles.  The underside of the needles have a distinct silver cast.  PRE-DIPPED which provides for that extra shelf life allowing for additional sales.  Boughs (24-26") are available in bales or boxes. Tips, which are primarily 12-18" are available in boxes only.  Please note that Fernhill uses one main evergreen box and employs an easy to read ID end panel.  Please note that UPC codes are assigned, but is included only on the string tags of the bales.

Silver Fir Bales 24-26" sf 25 lbs 2.5 638708-16254
Silver Fir Boughs 24-26" sfx 25 lbs 3.0 638708-19345
Silver Fir Tips 12-18" sft 25 lbs 3.0 638708-19341